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BlueWater 3mm Niteline Reflective Cord (per metre)


The brightly coloured solution-dyed polyester sheath of this compact accessory cord contains a retroreflective strand, making it extremely easy to see in torchlight.

Ideal for night or low-light applications, such as tent guylines, stringing up a tarp, securely attaching small items, or as a lightweight clothesline on multiday trips.

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BlueWater 3mm Niteline Reflective Cord features a solution-dyed polyester sheath for superior abrasion resistance.

A single retroreflective strand makes the cord extremely easy to see in torchlight, making it much better than traditional cords in low-light or night applications.

Lightweight, compact, yet with a breaking strength of 2.2 kN, it can be used in an endless range of applications.

Product information:

  • Tensile Strength: 2.2 kN
  • Weight: 6.6 grams per metre
  • Dimensions: 3mm diametre
  • Material: Polyester sheath; Nylon core
  • Made in: United States