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Black Diamond RockLock Twistlock

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The RockLock Twistlock features a slightly curved spine to maximise gate opening and a larger rope-bearing surface for greater durability, making it ideal for use with canyoning descenders.

Featuring a snag-free keylock nose and a twistlock sleeve that automatically snaps securely shut, it is simple to operate with one hand.

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The Black Diamond RockLock Twistlock is a HMS carabiner with a round surface that provides even friction and ensures ropes run smoothly.

The twistlock sleeve is easy to open with one hand, even wearing gloves, and automatically snaps securely shut.

The hot forged construction allows extra material to be added at high-wear points, striking a perfect balance between weight, strength, performance, and longevity.

The keylock nose prevents snagging while a slightly curved spine maximises the gate opening.

Note: The Black Diamond RockLock fits the following descenders: Critr, Sqwurel, Element, Pivot, Hoodoo, ATS, Hannibal, No.Mad, Hydrobot and MiniEight. It does not fit the Oka.

Key advantages:

  • Hot forged construction places extra material at high-wear points
  • solid round profile provides smooth friction and longer life
  • snag-free keylock nose
  • autolock twistlock gate for secure one-handed operation

Product information:

  • Weight: 89 grams
  • Material: anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions: 115 mm long, 87 mm wide
  • Gate opening: 24 mm
  • Min. breaking load longitudinal axis: 24kN
  • Min. breaking load minor axis: 8kN
  • Min. breaking load with open gate: 8kN
  • Made in: Taiwan