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BG Gear SQWUREL V3 descender


A new and improved version of this popular, canyoning-specific descender. With all the benefits of the original, including a unique tail for quick and easy friction adjustments while on rope, the new design is lighter, smaller, and significantly reduces rope twist.

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The SQWUREL is a wonderful descender designed specifically for canyons.

The primary motivation for the new V3 edition was to address the issue of rope twist, which has been almost completely eliminated thanks to tweaks to the shape. Other subtle improvements to the design mean it is also shorter, narrower, and lighter than the predecessor, while delivering enhanced overall performance.

The key feature of the SQWUREL is the unique tail, which allows friction to be quickly and easily adjusted while abseiling. Even fully weighted the rope is easily moved in and out of the three tail holes to allow subtle friction changes. This is particularly helpful on long drops, when carrying a heavy pack, or when an abseil requires you to shift between vertical, overhung, and flatter ledge sections.

This descender works well on 8mm or 9mm double ropes, or single ropes from 8mm to 11mm, although single rope technique is where it really shines.

Manufactured from top-of-the-line T6 hardened 7075 aluminium in an ISO 9001 compliant facility in Utah, the SQWUREL is the result of several years of hard work, more than 60 versions, and extensive input from a large group of very experienced American canyoneers.

Key advantages:

  • add and remove friction easily while on rope
  • get on and off rope without removing the descender from your harness
  • ideal descender for use with single rope technique
  • easy to lock off
  • additional friction great for heavier canyoners or when carrying full packs

Product information:

  • Weight: 108 grams
  • Material: anodised 7075 T6 hardened aluminium
  • Dimensions: 156mm long, 79mm wide, 10mm thick
  • Made in: United States

Using the SQWUREL descender: 

Click here for detailed PDF instructions outlining safe use of the SQWUREL descender, including setting friction modes, variable friction settings, locking off, rigging for right or left handed use, and rigging for double and single ropes.

Further information about the device, including the testing, certification and quality control method involved in its manufacture, as well as details of when to retire your device, can be found on the BG Gear website.

Weight 118 g

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