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AustriAlpin HMS MINI.MI Screw Lock


The HMS MINI.MI squeezes the practical benefits of a full-strength HMS carabiner into a compact, light-weight body, ideal for a range of abseiling, ascending, rigging and rescue uses.

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The AustriAlpin HMS MINI.MI is the little sibling of the popular AustriAlpin HMS RONDO.

It provides the practical benefits of a fully-rated HMS carabiner in a smaller, light-weight body.

The screw-lock mechanism is self-cleaning, removing dirt and grit each time the gate is opened and closed.

The MINI.MI can be combined with a descender, as well as being an ideal additional rigging ‘biner that can be used when ascending, hauling, belaying, or rigging more complex drops.

The fully rounded top of the oval delivers a more even spread of friction, with ropes running smoothly across the surface.

The absence of cut-out areas (such as carabiners with an I-beam style construction) prevents the formation of sharp edges and delivers a longer life-span.

Key advantages:

  • Compact, light-weight version of a HMS carabiner
  • solid round profile provides longer life and more even friction
  • secure, self-cleaning screw-lock gate

Product information:

  • Weight: 72 grams
  • Material: anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions: 100mm long, 66mm wide
  • Min. breaking load longitudinal axis: 22kN
  • Min. breaking load minor axis: 10kN
  • Made in: Austria
Weight 88 g