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Aquaseal SR shoe repair adhesive

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Use Aquaseal SR to make permanent, durable repairs to canyoning or bushwalking footwear that will lasts for years.

As well as reattaching the sole or rebuilding worn heals, it can be used pre-emptively to protect seams, create durable toe protectors, or improve the abrasion resistance of high-wear areas.

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Aquaseal SR is a maximum strength urethane-based repair adhesive specifically designed for repairing or reinforcing footwear.

This repair adhesive is waterproof and dries as a clear, flexible glue that will last for years. It is unaffected by heat, cold, or water, making it ideal for withstanding challenging canyon environments.

With one small tube you can reattach a sole that is coming off, rebuild worn heals, create durable toe protectors, protect stitching from abrasion, or reinforce high-wear areas to extend the life of your canyon shoes.

The tough urethane adhesive bonds permanently to surfaces, becoming a stretchy rubber that bends with all types of footwear and won’t peel or crack over time.

Product information:

  • Packet size: 28g (1 oz)
  • Material: thermoset urethane
  • Color: clear
  • Adheres to leather, suede, rubber, neoprene, canvas, and nylon
  • Made in: United States