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  • $2.30$2.50

    Marlow D12 SK99 combines the highest grade of Dyneema, a specialised polyurethane coating, and heat-setting to produce an extremely tough, abrasion-resistant pull cord with unmatched strength, making it ideal for use with fiddlestick-style retrievable anchors.

  • $2.20

    Samson Amsteel-Blue is a lightweight, tough, abrasion resistant, floating rope that is exceptionally strong (average breaking strength of 1,100kgs). It is ideal for use as a pull cord with fiddlestick-style retrievable anchors.

  • $2.20

    A static, compact, lightweight, and abrasion resistant pull cord which can be used with single rope techniques to reduce the amount of abseiling rope needed for multi-pitch canyons.

  • $32.50

    When using Dyneema pull cords, the end closest to the fiddlestick-style toggle suffers the most wear and tear from abrasion and sharp edges. The pull cord extender takes this abuse, extending the life of your main cord, saving you money and avoiding waste.

  • $12.00

    Add a Locked Brummel Eye Splice to a custom length of Dyneema pull cord (simply purchase this in addition to the pull cord length of your choice). Ideal for use with fiddlestick-style toggles to increase strength and reduce the risk of snags.