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    Save $5 when you grab a copy of the latest edition of Wild magazine with your next order. The Winter 2022 edition is a bumper 164 pages — the biggest in the magazine’s history. It’s full of the best adventure, conservation and wilderness writing that Australia has to offer. Being the…

  • $60.00

    With beautiful colour photos, precise canyon topos and maps, and detailed descriptions of 45 exciting adventures, this is the definitive guidebook for those interested in canyoning in Victoria.

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    Save $5 when you grab a copy of the latest edition of Vertical Life with your next order. Vertical Life #38 is is packed full of vertical goodness, including: behind the scenes chats with Reel Rock 16 duo the Wide Boyz; breaking beta with ACV; Summer first ascents on Lutruwita/Tasmania’s…

  • $64.00$89.00

    These Australian made rappel racks are constructed from high quality stainless steel, ensuring a long life in the toughest conditions. Popular among cavers, rope access workers and canyoners, they eliminate rope twist by keeping the abseil rope running in a straight line.

  • $75.00

    The MiniEight is a horned figure 8 which provides a range of variable friction settings in an extremely compact, lightweight form. Ideal as a backup device or on remote adventures where every gram counts.

  • $60.00

    With a similar shape to the classic Petzl Pirana and Kong Oka, the Zone 8 is an advanced figure of eight style descender that allows friction to easily be added while abseiling.

  • $54.95

    Taking inspiration from a classic rack-style device, the Hydrobot’s central bar removes the need to undo a carabiner when getting on and off rope as well as ensuring the rope runs in a straight line, reducing twist.  

  • $18.50

    As the name suggests, this is a classic figure of eight style descender. It’s an affordable, light-weight device also used for rigging releasable contingency anchors.

  • $34.00

    The HMS RONDO is ideally suited for use with canyoning descenders, with a gate that automatically snaps shut and a smooth round shape that provides even friction and reduces wear.

  • $1.60

    Fully-certified with a rated breaking strength of 6.1 kN, BlueWater 5mm Accessory Cord is suitable for a multitude of outdoor applications.

  • $0.00

    Printed on quality vinyl stock, this decal will look great on your window. Dimensions: 200mm long, 50mm wide Limit of one per order.

  • $0.00

    Aspiring is all about high quality gear, made in New Zealand. Printed on quality vinyl, chose from a small or large version, perfect for a helmet, esky or car. Diametre: Small (60mm) or Large (85mm) Limit of one per order.

  • $0.00

    BlueWater ropes are a global leader when it comes to making tough, lightweight, specialised canyoning ropes. Printed on quality vinyl, this free sticker is perfect for the esky or car. Diametre: 90mm Limit of one per order.

  • $0.00

    The Fat Canyoners are all about not letting old age, excess weight, or serious things like jobs and kids get in the way of awesome adventures. Join the chubby revolution with this free vinyl sticker. Diametre: 70mm Limit of one per order.

  • $0.00

    Printed on quality vinyl stock, this compact sticker is perfect for a helmet, esky, or even the car. Dimensions: 60mm long, 40mm wide Limit of one per order.

  • $0.00

    Let the world know how much you love canyoning with this free bumper sticker. Printed on quality vinyl stock, it’ll keep looking good no matter how many muddy fire trails you drive down. Dimensions: 275mm long, 45mm wide Limit of one per order.

  • $65.00$75.00

    A versatile personal anchor system, the Aspiring Anchor Chain not only acts as an adjustable safety tether, it can be used to extend an abseil device, as a foot loop when ascending, or to hang a rope bag while abseiling.

  • $37.50$44.00

    Combine your choice of compact, full-strength locking carabiners with a heavy duty nylon dogbone to produce a rigging tool with a range of uses.

  • $4.50

    The Canyonator is a hard-wearing, high-strength polyester rope that was specifically designed for canyon environments. It delivers an excellent balance of performance, durability, and value for money.

  • $9.50

    The Canyon Pro DS features a hybrid sheath made of Technora and high-strength polyester to deliver exceptional cut and abrasion resistance. The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene core (HMPE: the same material as Dyneema) produces a rope that is extremely strong, lightweight, and genuinely static. Ideal for experienced canyoners undertaking…

  • $3.50

    Our spring coiled lanyard allows safety equipment like knives and whistles to be securely tethered to your harness, pack or helmet, ensuring items don’t get lost if dropped while in use.

  • $95.00

    An emergency rescue knife designed to be carried on your harness or pack, the CRKT Bear Claw is ideally suited to aquatic canyons. Quick to deploy and capable of cutting rope or webbing like a razor, the unique finger hole allows it to act like an extension of your hand.

  • $48.00

    A practical and easy to reference field guide written specifically for those engaging in backcountry rope rescue. The compact size and use of waterproof paper make it easy to carry when undertaking training exercises or during actual rescues. This book is useful for advanced canyoners wishing to expand their vertical…

  • $85.00

    A simple yet innovative tool, the Ala ad-Din is a waterproof vinyl mat that folds into a kind of duffle bag, allowing you to keep your car clean while easily transporting wet and dirty gear at the end of a trip.

  • $7.60

    The Canyon Pro combines a high-strength polyester sheath with an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE) core to produce an extremely strong, small diameter, lightweight rope that is ideal for experienced canyoners undertaking remote adventures.